Misc. Posters

Illustration & Printmaking

Because who doesn’t love posters, right? Here is a mixture of gig posters and illustrations. Gig posters are just too much fun to make, I assure you. Bask in the rich history of the poster, my friend. Go ahead. I’ll wait right here.

Invisible Children Poster

Invisible Children

20" x 30", Digital Print

This poster, designed for Invisible Children, an organization engaged in fighting child warfare all across the world, pushes to shock and amuse the viewer while also encouraging them to visit the website to learn more about how they can help.

Hilton Head Piano Competition Poster

City and Colour Gig Poster

20" x 30", Digital Print

This is a poster for the indie band City and Colour, whose music is a blend of ethereal sounds and folksy charm.

Invisible Children Poster

The Royal Tenenbaums Movie Poster

20" x 30", Digital Print

The Royal Tenenbaums is possibly Wes Andersen's finest film. This poster captures the quirky essence of the three siblings whose stories comprise this sprawling family comedy.

Hilton Head Piano Competition Poster

Hilton Head Piano Competition

11" x 17", Digital Print

Mixing the ideas of a paper shredder turning music into piano keys, this poster was created to promote the upcoming Young Artist’s Piano Competition in Hilton Head, SC.

Christian Student Fellowship Halloween Party Poster

Christian Student Fellowship Halloween Party

12" x 18", Silkscreen Print

A poster promoting an upcoming Halloween dance, showing Frankenstein doing his best Travolta impression to a full moon.

The Dandy Lion Poster

The Dandy Lion

14" x 14", Silkscreen Print


Personal Retrospective Poster

Personal Retrospective

20" x 30", Digital Print

A poster for a hypothetical retrospective show of my own body of work over the last few years.

The Civil Wars Poster

The Civil Wars

11" x 17", Lithograph

A gig poster for the folk band, The Civil Wars, as they visited a venue in Philadelphia.