Branding & Collateral

Negativland, an experimental band known for their countercultural and anti-consumerist mindset, infrequently tours the country. To announce their upcoming tour, this promotional mailer points to our ever-increasing status as merely meat to a corporately controlled society. Negativland wants to fight back against rampant overconsumption, and this piece reflects that fight.

Negativland Flag
Negativland Invite
Negativland Package Step 1 Negativland Package Step 2
Negativland Package Step 3
Negativland Invite
Negativland Invite

The Unwrapping

At first you see only a meat-like printed piece underneath industrial saran wrap with butcher labels attached. Underneath is a notecard covered in meat. Inside is a promotional card that is die-cut to reveal the meat beneath and lists all of Negativland’s upcoming tour dates for their Meat & Greet Tour.

Unwrapping Unwrapping Unwrapping
Unwrapping Unwrapping The Flag!

Dat Flag

A picture of raw meat is printed on canvas and folded into the mailer. Once it’s unfolded, the canvas can be used as a flag at Negativland shows or even just as a poster. Or a thing to scare children with. I mean look at it. It’s disgusting.