Misc. Logos



Shakespeare on Draught Logo

Shakespeare on Draught

Shakespeare on Draught is a company of performers in Atlanta, GA, who perform Shakespeare plays in a bar every two months. No production is ever the same, and the crowds love it — and drink a lot!

The Improvised Shakespeare Ensemble Logo

The Improvised Shakespeare Ensemble

This hand-lettered logo is for The Improvised Shakespeare Ensemble, one of the premiere improv groups in Atlanta. They won the 2017 Atlanta Improv Festival and regularly perform fully improvsied plays in the style of William Shakespeare.

Time Machine Portrait Co. Logo

The Time Machine Portrait Co.

A logo for a local shop that specializes in taking old-time photographs of people dressed in vintage clothing right off their rack. Their themes include: Old West, noir, and the Great Gatsby.

Verve Art Galleria Logo

Verve Art Galleria

Verve is an art gallery in England that travels around to different hospitals, encouraging patients to both view and do art as a means of therapy. Here a custom, hand-drawn logotype was utilized to emphasize the hands-on nature of the organization.

Camp All Star 2013 Logo

Camp All Star 2013

A local church was hosting a week-long retreat for their youth group and needed a logo that was strong but youthful and had an authority to it while still being playful.

Resound Logo


A nonprofit Christian design organization, Resound exists to help artists come together to do good for the community. Here a candle is incorporated with the italicized “R” to emphasize forward movement.

Orange Duck Branding Logo

Orange Duck Branding

Specializing in branding and identity, the design firm, Orange Duck, wanted a new logo that didn’t incorporate the color orange or an obvious duck shape. This logo uses the duck’s foot as a badge and a vintage reddish hue as a substitute for orange.

Renew Logo


A fundraising campaign for Bull Street Baptist Church in Savannah, GA, Renew was created to bring the church together and get excited about growth as a way to reach out even more to the community.

Beat Records Logo

Beat Records

A hip-hop label with a broad audience, Beat Records wanted to refresh their brand with something practical and classic and just a little bit vintage.