Screen-Printed Posters

Having grown up all around the country due to my parents being in the military, I have never really had a concept of “home,” but it’s something I’ve always wanted. “Home, One,” “Home, Two,” and “Home, Three” are part of a series of screenprinted posters exploring the ideas of memory and what we consider our home, showing the states to which I find myself most attached and illustrating specific memories (while still hopefully being accessible to an outsider). And if you don’t understand my memories, then you’re going to have a really hard time performing that inception you’ve been planning.

Home Poster #1
Home Poster #1 Closeup

Home, One: The Golden State

12" x 18", Silkscreen Print

My fondest memories of California are the summer time, playing in the sand and the ocean followed by an afternoon of ice cream consumption and regret over not putting on more sunscreen.

Home Poster #2 Closeup

Home, Two: The Keystone State

12" x 18", Silkscreen Print

I lived in Pennsylvania in middle and high school, and the state has the usual two seasons of the Northeast: winter and construction. Here I’ve tried to capture the magic of the winter wonderlands of suburban PA.

Home Poster #2
Home Poster #3
Home Poster #3 Closeup

Home, Three: The Empire State

12" x 18", Silkscreen Print

Ah, New York. A state and a city to love and hate. But fall up here will always be my favorite, with dappled oranges and reds finally tumbling to the ground and enough apples to choke a horse. (Don’t do that, though. Horses are cool.)