Chris Mayers

Gimme Them Deets

Chris Mayers is an actor, screenwriter, comedian, and improviser based in Atlanta. Born in South Carolina, Chris swears he's not Conan O'Brien's son, but he understands why you'd think that. Chris began acting when he was 12, later studying theater at SCAD and The Atlantic Theatre in New York City. Extensively trained in stage, screen, and improv, Chris has played a variety of roles in films, commercials, and plays. He's great at petting dogs and making weird faces. Not necessarily at the same time, but he's working on it.

He was most recently seen on stage in Theatre Buford's production of A Christmas Carol, and you can next catch him in Georgia Ensemble Theatre's production of Steve Martin's incredible musical, Bright Star. You can also see him on screen in FX's Atlanta, Netflix's Ozark, and a recurring role on FOX's The Resident as Dr. Steven Butler. Look for Chris in the upcoming National Geographic show The Right Stuff (produced by Leonardo DiCaprio) and the Sundance-selected film The Glorias: A Life on the Road (directed by Julie Taymor).

Improving at Improv-ing

As an improviser, he won the College Improv Tournament South Regional and was a College Improv Tournament finalist. He has studied with great improv teachers at Second City, Dad’s Garage, Highwire Comedy Co., The Atlantic Theatre and SCAD, including Matt Stanton, Ian Covell, Amanda Rountree, Josh Lewis and David Storck. He regularly performs improv and sketch at Village Theatre and Dad's Garage, and he performs with The Unscripted Shakespeare Ensemble (improvised Shakespeare), The Tipsy Zone (improvised Twilight Zone episodes), and Overly Dramatic Crescendo (improvised musicals) all around Atlanta.

Hey, Look What I can Do!

Although he couldn’t grow facial hair until he was 25, Chris can now sport a magnificent beard, given at least 12 hours' notice. He plays the guitar, mandolin, and ukulele, and loves to sing. While this hasn’t really helped him get someone to fall in love with him just yet, he still holds out hope. Chris also plays soccer and volleyball and loves running and working out, in a futile attempt to keep his natural scrawniness at bay. He has a big laugh and can’t help himself from reacting to movies out loud. He apologizes if you’ve ever sat next to him in a movie theater.